App Icon, which looks like a placeholder macOS app icon with a drag hand cursor dragging Hand Mirror's app icon onto it โ€” what's Hand Mirror you ask? It's another app I make for a quick camera preview from the menu bar.


Preview app icons in the Dock

or download directly โ†’ Requires macOS Sonoma or later

What is this?

An app that let's you quickly preview app icons in the Dock, especially useful when you're designing or building Mac apps.

When I'm working on an app icon for one of my apps I like to actually preview them in the real Dock to get a better and more accurate feel for it, this makes that process very easy.

How does it work?

Just drag and drop your PNG on the Docktor window, or directly on its icon in the Dock. If you add more than one, you can scroll or use the arrow keys to quickly swap between them.

Can I pay for it?

You WANT to pay for it? I didn't really build any payment capability for the app, but if you'd like you can download my other app โ€” Hand Mirror, that would make me really happy!

I guess you can also just send me a donation if you're really that kind, thank you so so much you kind soul ๐Ÿงก

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